Mission Statement

Mathetes 268 Ministries assists churches in returning to the call to live for the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and live out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) thus bringing God glory because they are completing the work He has given them to do (John 17:4).

We help churches embrace a Great Commandment focused culture of intentional discipleship. An intentional discipleship culture creates disciples who make disciples as the Great Commission demands. Mathetes 268 Ministries:

  • Equips local church leaders with tools to become disciple-makers who reproduce disciple-makers;
  • Brings theological and missional intentionality to the church’s small group ministries; and
  • Enriches and edifies the family’s place and purpose thereby discipling future generations

Resource Options

Intentional Discipleship weekend conferences

Rev. Greenwood has developed and taught a full weekend conference on the topic of Intentional Discipleship for local churches. The conference is designed for churches of any size and any Christian denomination. It makes use of a lot of different teaching styles and formats (lecture, audio/visual, and small group discussion). The format includes four blocks of teaching with an estimated two hours of content at each teaching. Rev. Greenwood would be honored to come and speak to your church or a collection of local churches in your area on this topic. Conference outlines will be provided in advance of the conference.

Leadership Retreats

Rev. Greenwood is available to help church leaderships walk through the shift of a mass production, addition based growth strategy to an individual person, multiplication based growth strategy. The best format for this type of guidance is at a concentrated retreat where there can be teaching combined with frequent opportunities for Q&A. Rev. Greenwood would be honored to explore being resourced in such a way for your church leadership.

Weekly 1 on 1 discipleship on a per person basis

Rev. Greenwood has a limited number of slots he reserves for 1 on 1 discipleship to those who are interested in growing spiritually through this type of method. Please contact Rev. Greenwood to explore this option if you are interested in being discipled using Skype, Facetime, or GoToMeeting.

Yearly Partnerships

At this time, Rev. Greenwood is unable to entertain any yearly partnerships, but Lord willing they will become viable options again in the years ahead. Please feel free to let Rev. Greenwood know if you have any questions about this option and are potentially interested in being put on the waiting list for when they become available again.